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Applications for RAIDA RIGA are open!

Let's create a trending internet radio station together!

Place: Riga, LATVIA, Rīgas DJ skola
Dates: OCTOBER 18-28
Participating countries: Estonia and Latvia
Participants: 22

We are inviting to apply for YOUTH EXCHANGE "RAIDA RIGA", an internet radio creation project. We are welcoming participants from Estonia and Latvia aged 18-30 y.o.:


*Travel costs, accomodation and all the project activities for elected participants are covered by Erasmus+ programme.

Applications are open till October 14.


1) Within the framework of the "RIDA RIGA" project, young people from Latvia and Estonia will learn to create a new Internet radio platform, where everyone can be a creator of content - DJs from their computer, anywhere in the world when connected to the Internet.
2) Opportunity to use the created platform for students and partners of Riga DJ school, music enthusiasts to practice in radio and music DJ art, to be heard and to gain their first professional experience.
3) The ability to create and run content and programs that are thematically and on their own initiative.
4) A platform from which live reports on activities that regularly take place in the premises of the “Riga DJ School” are broadcasted online. Website to find events that have already taken place, watch them in repetition.
5) Create short training videos with the best DJ tricks, improvisations, tutorials that would be very useful for DJ school students in self-expression and practice.
6) A site to get information on current music life, upcoming events. Also a site to learn and apply for music-related contests and projects, practice or job opportunities.
7) Internet Radio "RAIDA RIGA" will also be a great opportunity for young people with limited possibilities to realize their needs in an environment where it would not be possible otherwise. A youngster unable to attend the Riga DJ School or attend an event will be able to learn the skills and keep up with online events. Equally importantly, young people who have a desire to play music but are shy of being afraid of criticism will be able to do it anonymously or with a pseudonym. The Riga DJ school has been attended by visually impaired youth, young people with disabilities, and young people from NEET.


For any additional questions contact us skola@rigasdjskola.lv